Holistic & Macrobiotic Cooking Classes


Canadian Macrobiotics is happy to offer a variety of fully customizable class and program options;  whatever your need or focus, we can work together to make you’re covering all your bases.

Fees vary according to type and length of class – please use the contact form below for quotes or more information.

Per Class

Program of 6 Classes

Consider private classes if you are looking to:
– learn the basics of cooking, or a new style of cooking
– learn how and what to cook for a particular health issue or health goal
– learn specific recipes to help you stick to dietary guidelines (i.e. gluten-free)
– learn about nutrition and how to make sure you’re getting enough of everything you need



Per Class (3 hours each)
Common class themes:
– Homemade Breads, Snacks, and Milks
– Soups and Salads
– On-the-go Macro
– A Balanced Day of Eating
– Sinfully Delicious Desserts
– Appetizers and Entertaining
– Holiday Feast

We can also design a class to address your particular needs or desires.


Program of 6 Classes (2-3 hours each)
Introduction to Macrobiotic and Holistic Cooking
Design a program of recipes based on your health needs/goals
Prices vary – please contact for more information


Photo by: Jasmine Brink-Li

Photo by: Jasmine Brink-Li

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