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Canadian Macrobiotics is an online magazine of content related to my holistic wellness practice, including spiritual and philosophical articles, macrobiotic recipes, and tips and articles on holistic health, beauty, and healing. What Is Canadian Macrobiotics’s Mission?

I am a yoga teacher, macrobiotic lifestyle coach, and spiritual healer with a love for being close to nature, a focus on both healing and growing myself, and a calling to teach others how to do the same.

If I can share what I have learned and experienced with others, hopefully that positive energy will spread and affect many individuals, families, and communities!

I love to get creative with painting and music, travel and exploring new places, and spend a lot of time enjoying nature. My fascination with history, philosophy and religion, language, and medicine is where a lot of my studies have been centered.

For more background information on where I come from, where I have been, and where I am going, read on:

Childhood Years – Prior to 2012

As a child growing up, I didn’t know how to apply my knowledge – nor did I understand why I was more interested in studying ancient history and language than activities other kids my age enjoyed – but I now see that knowledge prepares us for experience; it gives us the capacity to be aware of things that enable us to experience, understand, and grow. I would not be the woman I am today if it weren’t for my unique childhood.

My mother instilled in me a deep love for cooking, gardening, and natural healing. She gave me the confidence and freedom to learn and explore topics that otherwise would have been kept from me. She taught me to always do and stand up for what I know is right. She also did her best to help support me through my transition to womanhood, which began far earlier than is ‘normal’ and included many complications and difficulties that ultimately led to the chronic illness I continue to manage and work to overcome today. Little did I know that all those struggles and challenges would serve to equip me with skills and experience to help women with reproductive issues (and people with chronic illness and chronic pain, in general) in a very special way.

My mother began teaching me the concepts of natural health and healing at the tender age of 5, and much of what I know and integrate into my practice today is based on her teachings as well as the teachings of a very trusted naturopathic doctor. Dr. Omar was an older gentleman who initially really creeped me out when I was a little girl; he was so wise and calm, and it completely threw me off! Trained all around the world in naturopathic medicine, homeopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, ayurvedic medicine, herbalism, energy therapy, and more, he always seemed to understand the root cause of peoples’ illnesses. The first thing he’d do when you met with him was feel your wrists and the pulses of all your different organs – yes, you can read the health and function of each internal organ from the wrists!

Over the years, I’ve had an array of strange illnesses and unlucky injuries that conventional medicine had been unable to solve or cure: from immunity issues to digestive issues, from bouts of severe inflammation to decreased organ function, from degenerative lumbar issues to chondromalacia patellae. Overcoming these illnesses and injuries naturally has given me a unique ability to transfer what I have learned about healing to others.

A particular memory stands out for me: at 16 doctors told me I had the shingles virus, that nothing could kill viruses, and that I would have outbreaks for the rest of my life, Dr. Omar shared with me a remedy that he told me does kill viruses. The shingles cleared up and I have never had an outbreak since; I have also successfully used his remedy to help end recurring shingles and cold sore outbreaks in others.

As I grew older, I always felt drawn to yoga and began learning about it around the age of 16. I continued a lot of my personal studies and eventually enrolled in a BA with Athabasca University with a double major Forensic Anthropology and French at age 20. At 22 my health issues worsened – by which point I had been living on my own for quite some time – and caused me to put a hold on my studies and life in general. I was in so much pain all the time I couldn’t really live a normal life. I felt my job, my friendships, my relationships, and my whole life slowly spiraling down a dark drain. My doctor had mentioned endometriosis to me many times in the years leading up to that point, but the only way to truly diagnose endometriosis is through laparoscopic surgery.

I researched the best endometriosis specialists in the GTA and came across Dr. Lie, who I asked to be referred to. Dr. Lie was not only the first doctor to ever really understand what I had gone through for so many years, but he was also the first doctor to not scoff at me or belittle me for wanting to pursue natural remedies. He performed my laparoscopic surgery in October 2011 and confirmed the endometriosis diagnosis. He also talked to me about how diet and lifestyle can strengthen and heal the body, specifically through macrobiotics and qigong. I’ve been studying macrobiotic, Vedic, Shaolin, and Zen philosophies every single day since.

Adult Years – My Path to Holistic Health and Healing: 2012 and Forward

In December 2011 I started my very first macrobiotic cooking program with the amazing Shauna Trupp of She Cooks Macro. I remember being in her very first group – she was fantastic! So knowledgeable with a contagious passion for macrobiotic cooking.

In April 2012 I had my very first experience of qigong with Jean Lie – a former RN who overcame her own endometriosis and now teaches others to do the same – and the wonderful Wong Kiew Kit – a world-renowned Shaolin Grandmaster – in his Eighteen Lohan Hands workshop. I remember being so tense and rigid that I couldn’t for the life of me feel this ‘qi’ (or ‘chi’) they kept talking about releasing into. Being the only newbie in the class, Sifu Wong Kiew Kit and Sifu Jean Lie came over to work with me and help me release and re-sensitize myself to the feeling of the vital energy within my body. My energy was so dull and stagnant that it took Wong Kiew Kit channeling his own energy into me to get mine moving – and, suddenly, I could feel it! It took many, many months of work for me to learn how to relax into my qi, but becoming aware and sensitive to it was key to learning to strengthen and eventually control my energy flow.

I later took two rounds of Chi-Flow programs with Jean Lie that year to strengthen my abilities and help me make qigong a part of my daily routine to heal my body and my spirit. It is still a daily goal and challenge but the journey always deepens and continues to bring me to new levels physically, mentally, and spiritually – not to mention the profound healing I’ve experienced along the way (including the healing of ligament and nerve damage through my right arm)!

During 2012 and 2013, I teamed up with Lucy Sharrat of CBAN and several other active and concerned citizens to found No More GMOs – a Toronto-based food action and awareness initiative that helps educate the public about genetically modified organisms in our food chain and helps to organize and facilitate events, like this year’s March against Monsanto/GMO-free Festival. Although I have had to discontinue my work with them since 2013, I feel so blessed to have been a part of forming the group and am excited to continue seeing the good work they do in our local communities.

I also graduated my yoga teacher training program in March 2013 where I was blessed to learn from the amazing Sarbjeet Kalia, who brought his authentic Indian culture and knowledge to enrich the comprehensive and traditional Hatha yoga program he taught us, which included an awe-inspiring knowledge of ancient yogic scriptures and understanding of the Sanskrit language. I have been teaching privately while continuing to deepen my own studies and daily practice since then.

In the last year, I have been networking with like-spirited individuals, learning more about myself, about others, and about how we all fit into this grand universe, while also tapping into the truths of various forms of spiritual healing and working to create communities of consciously-awakened and spiritually-evolving individuals.

The last year has also been an important learning period which provided me with professional certification and a lot of practice with a few different spiritual healing modalities, including therapeutic massage and fascial stretching, axiatonal alignment, and various forms of energetic clearing.


All of this brings me to what Canadian Macrobiotics is all about:
happiness and vitality are our birth right and natural state of being.

Any and all illness – even subtle illness of the spirit such as excessive anger, narcissism, and mental illness – are a result of improper energy flow and blockages within the body.

This energy flow is affected by many different factors, including karmic impressions, diet, lifestyle, environment, and even personal attitude. Canadian Macrobiotics aims to draw awareness to all the ways we affect our energy constitution and flow, and to provide the knowledge, tools, and practical first-hand experience on how to slowly make the changes in your own life to restore energetic balance and reclaim your joy and vital health!

Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats forever (and can now teach others!)

The journey to truth is a path each man must walk for him- or herself, but I’ve worked very hard to find the guideposts that helped me along my own journey, and am excited to continue sharing all I’ve learned – and will continue to learn – with others, in the hope that they, too, discover their own journeys to truth.

Thank you for taking the time to ready my story. Many wishes of peace and happiness to you!

Photo by: Nicholas Theodorou

Photo by: Nicholas Theodorou

Briana Boldin, RYT
Macrobiotic Lifestyle Coach & Spiritual Healer
(416) 999-6194

Based in Port Credit (Mississauga), Ontario
and servicing the GTA

Updated: Dec 2014

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    • Thank you 🙂 its so important to re-educate people about true health and wellness, and the amazing power of our minds and bodies, especially in a time where things like allergies, mental illness, and cancers are common and ‘normalized’.


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