Sustainable Organic Gardening

Canadian Macrobiotics offers basic sustainable organic gardening classes
as well as access to organic, GMO-free seeds and seedlings.

$1.50 per pack, for 50 seeds of one type
$5.00 per pack, a selection of 5 herbs/vegetables
, 250 seeds
– parsley  – basil  – radish  – onion  – carrot  – broccoli
– green chard  – radish  – leek  – thyme  – sage  – nettle
– milk thistle  – dill   – cilantro  – lettuce  – calendula

Organic & GMO-free Seedlings – $5.00
Any of the above plants may be ordered throughout
February, March, April, May, and June of each year.
Basil and Parsley cultivated annually.
Please allow 2 months from date of order for most seedlings.

Introductory Classes – $25.00 
You’ll learn:
– sustainable organic urban gardening practices
– organic fertilizing options
– seasons and times for growing, planting, and harvesting
– how to garden using containers
– how to garden indoors

To schedule a class, order seeds or seedlings, or for any other questions,
please call (416) 999-6194, or use the contact form below.
All e-mails will be replied to within 24-48 hours.

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