Quote of the Day: Buddha & Spring Changes

Cathedral Rock - Sedona, AZ

Cathedral Rock – Sedona, AZ

“Everything changes;
nothing remains without change.”
~ Buddha

Happy April!

What a strange month March was for me this year… I realize it’s been more than two weeks since I returned and announced that I was refreshed and ready to resume a normal post routine, only to disappear once again. Life had different plans for the last few weeks.

I was hit with a very unexpected and profound life circumstance change that left me shocked and thrown entirely off my routine: one month shy of my sixth year with the company I’d been working for, I was yet another let go amidst years of industry shrinkage and instability. Like I said, it was a shock, but what surprised me most about hearing the news was that I felt more relief and excitement than anything else.

You see, I loved my job – my boss and some of my coworkers were great friends, I had all the flexibility and freedom you could want from a conventional job, and it provided me with a stable income to fund my education and experiences these past few years. On the other hand, it was in an industry so opposite to the holistic health and wellness I’m building Canadian Macrobiotics around, and I had long begun to feel a growing desire and need to be spending all of my time in that positive health/spiritual environment.

Still, I had hoped to stay at the company until I was ready to leave and go full time on my own teaching yoga, holistic cooking classes, meditation, writing/editing, and doing various types of spiritual and holistic healing with people, but again life had other plans. The funny part is, the past three or four months, I’ve felt a growing feeling that my working full time was going to be coming to a close much sooner than I had initially anticipated.

As I continued to expand my health and wellness practice, I noticed that I needed a lot more time and energy to put into those endeavours rather than lose 9 hours of that a day to something that truly was not part of my vision for my future. I began to feel a very bothersome itch that it was time to make some very big change in my life regarding where I spent my time working every day, but no matter how intense that itch grew I was still very unsure of how to make that change without taking too large a risk.

It’s almost like life made the choice for me and is saying, “Here, the opportunity you’ve been waiting for is before you – take advantage of it!” The timing couldn’t be more interesting.

In the midst of all these changes in my life, there will be some changes here around Canadian Macrobiotics as well:

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays will feature the Quote of the Day posts.

Tuesdays and Thursdays will feature a yoga photo from my Instagram and some interesting information about the pose.

Every weekend will feature one choice piece: be it a recipe, an article, a story, or a reblog.

I really look forward to seeing what I can do with the opportunity that’s been given to me – as unstable and almost nerve-wracking as it can feel to lose something you’ve grown so accustomed to having for six years, the excitement and wild possibility of what could be is just infinitely more intoxicating.

Embrace change with fluid spontaneity and you will always keep your head afloat!

Lots of love, xoxo

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Buddha & Spring Changes

  1. Reading your post I felt two quite opposite things: in one hand, I felt so happy for you and the new path you are threading upon and in the other, the fear of uncertainty. Actually, for few months now I am in a similar situation as you were: I like my job, but I feel I need more time to do things I deeply care about, being more healthy, spiritual and stress-free as possible. But (there is always some ‘but’, right?) the income part always comes as a logical question. Still thinking how to turn my passion into my work… I’m having faith that we both will find a way to tie the two things together! 🙂 Have a lovely day! Milica

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    • Thank you for your kind words, Milica ❤ and all the best to you as well in figuring our your path! I know so long as I follow my heart and what feels right, then whatever is meant to be will be 🙂 Have a very lovely weekend, xoxo

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