Quote of the Day: Hu Zhi

“One day, suddenly my mind was enlightened; there were no irrelevant thoughts. I saw all the myriad things in the world inside me, making me exclaim that the whole cosmos is in me.”
~ Hu Zhi

This is how Hu Zhi – a Confucian philosopher of the Ming dynasty, though his interpretation could easily be mistaken for that of a Zen master – described his experience of enlightenment.

While his description may seem simple or even nonsensical to the common mind’s perception, those walking a spiritual path actively pursuing the higher wisdom of cosmic consciousness – who have experienced satori or even nirvana/moksha themselves – will likely find a very deep and intuitive connection with his experience.

I find it very beautiful that each unique interpretation of enlightenment, of cosmic absolute undifferentiating consciousness, is so different in terms of language and concepts and yet the underlying message and experience are inherently the same. So many ways to perceive the same void. So many paths lead to the same summit.

May we walk each day in renewed mindfulness and awareness.

Have a very peaceful and enjoyable weekend, xo

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Hu Zhi

  1. Hi there Briana. I am fairly new to your blog and I want you to know that I appreciate many of the quotes you have shared. I was wondering, do you have your own unique description of enlightenment? Maybe you have touched on that in a previous post that I may have missed? If you are willing to share I would love to hear how you personally perceive the void. Thank you, Aaron.

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    • Hi Aaron,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to say hello! I have both noticed and appreciated your liking of some of my QOTD posts 🙂

      I have touched on it briefly in previous posts, but haven’t yet set out to give my own thorough account yet because, though I know I am awakened – learning and growing in consciousness each day – my understanding of the Absolute is still not yet complete because there is still much that my consciousness clings to. Lately I’ve noticed a big shift in my consciousness and awareness, however, and falling into deep states of meditation comes easier each day.

      I have been wanting to put into words my own perception lately, even if it may only be a reflection of the level I am currently at – perhaps this is just the inspiration I needed 🙂

      Have you ever taken to put your own experience into words? I would love to hear them, as well.

      Thanks again and have a lovely day!
      xo Briana

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