Quote of the Day: Buddha

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned.”
~ Buddha

Not only do you hurt yourself in the process of your retaliation, but you’ve no guarantee your effort will even result in that person being hit or burnt by the coal you throw!

Some are wise enough to step out of the way and avoid taking on what you’re tossing towards them.

Our actions are a reflection of ourselves, not our circumstances – he who has mastered himself has true freedom in choosing how to act despite how he may feel.

Have a lovely Thursday, xo

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Buddha

    • It hits home for me, too, because anger and ego were two things I had a lot of trouble with for many, many years. Mind you, ego seems to be an ever-present challenge to varying degrees, where as the emotion of anger becomes easier and easier to choose not to associate with. For the past few years I have a Zen desk calendar with quotes for each day – they’ve been an invaluable source of knowledge for me, and the majority of my QOTD posts are based on that or a gratefulness QOTD I subscribe to. Vengeance was something that came far too easily as a child and growing adult, and has taken a lot of conscious work and effort to release from.

      Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂 and have a very lovely day! xo

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  1. Absolutely right! Anger is much easier to detect and transform into something positive. And though ego can sometimes be the source of anger, it is much more complex. It is sneaky and not rarely covered and hidden with other emotions. Reading about ego, I was surprised to find out how much of our different behaviors is conditioned by it!

    Enjoy your week and stay wise! 🙂


    • Agreed! All of our behaviours are linked to ego, and the only way to ever completely separate oneself from ego is in the state of undifferentiated reality, accessible in the highest states of meditation. Other than that, we can only really be aware of the influence of ego and choose to think and act a certain way in spite of it 🙂 yogic philosophy has an interesting perspective on the topic.

      Oh its been an adventurous week, lol. I had an ovarian cyst burst but didn’t realize, and it led to internal infection… Gotta take it easy the next while 😉 Hope your week is going very well, and have a lovely evening! xo


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