Quote of the Day: Gandhi

“All humanity is one undivided and indivisible family, and each one of us is responsible for the misdeeds of all the others. I cannot detach myself from the wickedest soul.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

More than simply being one indivisible family, all of humanity comes together to create a living organism, a body – the macro human body. Each of us is a cell making up the overall body; and just like the cells within our own ‘micro’ human bodies are dependent and interrelated, so too are each and every one of us human cells in the macro human body.

This is why separation and segregation, even in the most minute and subtle thoughts or energies, always creates disharmony and suffering. We must learn to love ourselves, and then to see ourselves mirrored in all of creation.

Every single one of us is affected – in some way, even in the tiniest and most subtle vibrations – by the thoughts and actions of every other human connected to the macro human body.

That said, each and every one of us is also a universe within ourselves, and each cell within our physical body is its own universe  – worlds within worlds. This is the beauty of cosmic reality.

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