Quote of the Day: Clarke


Ducks sleeping on the jagged ice formations where the Credit River meets Lake Ontario.

 “The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible.”
~ Arthur C. Clarke

Words of wisdom from a world-renowned author, inventor, and explorer.

The truths of the universe lay beyond the apparent realm of provable possibility that surrounds us, in the land of the impossible, where thought and intellect fall short of comprehending or processing.

Men, women, and even children from every corner of the earth and all walks of life have come to see and understand the reality of the possible through the experience of the reality of the ‘impossible’.

We each experience and describe something exceptionally unique, but the foundational similarity in unmistakable. This is wonderfully evident when two complete strangers from different cultures and different eras come together in conversation and connect near instantaneously on these transcendental experiences – something I have the pleasure of experiencing more and more each passing day, it seems.

To speak to someone about transcendental reality who has yet to experience even a glimpse of it is a difficult thing, just as it is very difficult to explain the experience of crisp, cool snow falling on your face to someone who has spent every day of their waking life in the hot deserts of Africa. They would not be able to understand – the intellectual capacity for comprehension simply is not there until they have experienced it for themselves; but then the two of you can have a very good conversation about the experience of freshly fallen snow on your face!

One of the most important preresiquites to experiencing the ‘impossible’ in your life is to simply be open to it: mentally, spiritually, and physically. A doubtful, skeptical, and dismissive mind naturally evades these experiences to protect the perception of reality it clings to.

Things are only impossible to the mind that perceives it as such.

Have a wonderful Tuesday! xo

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