A Spontaneous Day Trip to Ottawa

Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill

I’ve never been to Ottawa.

Few can scarcely believe me as the words leave my lips, but its true.

This past week I had the opportunity to make a spontaneous day trip out there and managed to get a few nice pictures despite the chilling cold!

Readers take note: It’s January. In Canada. The green(ish) lawns and especially the clear blue skies pictured above are a true rare sight!

wpid-imag2472_1.jpgI’ve heard that it can be considerably colder in Ottawa than in the GTA and, though I dressed quite warm for our trip, I was surprised at how cold it was walking the streets of the downtown core.

I think there would have been many more photos if the wind didn’t threaten to freeze off fingers within a few minutes of exposure!


Ottawa really is beautiful in the winter with all that water frozen over.


I’d love to make it back for an opportunity to skate on the Rideau Canal and tour the art galleries and Parliament Hill! Something on the bucket list for 2015, perhaps.

At night, they lit up Parliament Hill with stunning coloured lights and shapes. I tried to take a good photo, but we were rushed and, with the sun down, it was only colder than before!


Happy travels! xo

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