Quote of the Day: James – And a Short Lesson in Manifestation

“Divinity lies all about us, and culture is too hidebound to even suspect the fact.”
~ William James

Life – consciousness – in all its various forms and manifestations exists all around us, even in the places we, at the surface level, may not see or perceive anything of substance at all.

Quantum physics is helping modern minds understand that even what we perceive as ’empty’ space is indeed full of energy – energy is everywhere and in everything. And everything that manifests as physical form is merely a vibrational change in faster, less-physical energy to a state of slower vibration, resulting in mass form.

This is why the concept of spiritual or ethereal work can seem so ‘supernatural’ to some who have yet to realize a great truth: that we are indeed the creators and manifestors of our reality, that we have more control over the manifestation of reality than most are taught to perceive, and that as energetic beings ourselves we are connected directly to that web of energy consciousness and can affect the subtle energies in the universe which lead to substantial changes in manifested reality. Albert Einstein knew and taught these truths – this is as much scientific fact as it is ancient philosophical wisdom.

It is often said that all things are created twice – once in the mind, and then again in physical reality. There is truth to this, as our mental fluctuations are some of the beginning points of vibrational changes which result in manifestation – which is why all the greatest masters and minds of our time have cautioned that even our thoughts hold heavy weight over the direction our lives take. If you see and experience it enough in your mind – truly and without doubt of it’s becoming reality – the universe will have no choice but to catch up with what you have already energetically created and set into motion.

Let us all keep these truths in mind as we move into another New Year – may your faith and resolution attract all that is meant for you into your life! xo

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