Quote of the Day: D. T. Suzuki

Close-up of some prickly natives.

Close-up of some prickly natives.

“Not mere talk about water, nor the mere sight of a spring, but an actual mouthful of it gives the thirsty complete satisfaction.”
~ David T. Suzuki

When you are curious about something or have a question you seek an answer to, why seek this information from others or from simple observation when you can jump in and experience the answer for yourself?

The intuitive understanding that comes from experience is much more holistic and profound than any understanding based on words or concepts.

If you have never tasted an apple, you may look at one and imagine what it tastes like, or someone could try to describe its crisp sweetness and refreshing succulence, but until you take a bite for yourself you will never know the reality of it’s taste!

Have a lovely weekend my friends! Christmas is just around the corner… and so are a few recipe posts to keep you cooking during the holidays!


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