Quote of the Day: Teitaro Suzuki

Endless opportunities to explore out here in the desert.

Endless opportunities to explore out here in the desert.

“… satori means the unfolding of a new world hitherto unperceived in the condition of a dualistic mind.”
~ Japanese Zen master Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki

Satori is a term used to describe a spiritual awakening, like glimpses of the eventual goal of complete dissolution into undifferentiated cosmic energy.

Also known as wu in Chinese,  satori is an intuitive, non-intellectual understanding which transcends the normal limits of our dualistic mind; they are signs that our spiritual progression is going well.

Satori is different from intellectual revelations which help you understand and explain things from a new perspective – it is the experience of the reality around us in a different way than ever before because we are different; something inside of our minds has changed and, therefore, the way we perceive reality has also changed.

It is hard to describe such an experience because these truths are far beyond the limits of our concepts and words in language. To hear me try to describe my own experiences can be quite funny!

Have any of my wonderful readers experienced what they would call satori?

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