Quote of the Day: Krivorotov

Another stunning view from the top of the Shaman's Cave mountain.

Another stunning view from the top of the Shaman’s Cave mountain.

“A disease is that state of the system in which full spiritual potential is unrealized… Given this definition of disease, what does effective treatment consist of? Treatment consists in stimulating the patient’s spirit, which affects all the systems, bringing them into a harmonious state… For the most part, modern medicine effects somatic corrections. Consequently, treatment can be successful only in those cases where the initial source of the diease is in the body. But for modern man, the primary source of disintegration has become a negatigve system of conditioning (manifesting egotism, arrogance, vanity, envy, jealousy, etc/), the system of values, and world-view.”
~ Dr. Victor Krivorotov

The physical body is the grossest layer of our overall energetic composition. According to yogic and other spiritual philosophies, our being consists of 5 layers or ‘koshas’ in yogic terminology, each growing energetically finer and more subtle. They are:

1. Annamaya Kosha – the Physical Body
Our physical anatomy (organs, skeleton, cells) and physiological processes.

2. Pranayama Kosha – the Pranic Body
Our pranic life force and energy, intimately connected to our breath.

3. Manomaya Kosha – the Mental Body
Our mental energy, consciousness in its various forms.

4. Vijnanamaya Kosha – the Psychic Body
Our dreams, visions, intuition.
The psyche free of time, space, and causative factors.

5. Anandamaya Kosha – the Bliss Body
Beyond all duality and manifestation; Absolute source.

As you can see, it becomes harder to describe the layers of our being as they ascend. This is because the truths of Absolute reality are beyond the limitations of words and concepts and must be experienced to be understood.

Many of the illnesses we face today – cancer, depression and other mental illness, arthritis, GI disorders, degenerative and chronic illness – are rooted much further down in our energetic being than just the physical layer. They may be rooted in emotional wounds, pranic blockages or imbalance, suppressed and unexplored impressions on the psyche, etc.

Spiritual healing refers to things we can do to ‘stimulate the spirit’, in the words of Dr. Krivorotov, in order to restore balance and flow in all layers of our energetic being regardless of the level at which the illness is rooted.

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and reflection are some of the methods by which we can significantly stimulate our spirits for growth and health. Reiki, axiatonal alignment, and other energetic healing modalities can also be used to profoundly affect our energetic constitutions.

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