Post-Macro Feast Update


Finishing off the meal with CoconutBliss dark chocolate ice cream – vegan, sugar-free deliciousness that others enjoyed with extra brownies (I was too full!)

Hello friends!

Yet another Macro Feast has come and gone, and as much as I am happy to have the work and preparation behind me, its always a bit sad once that event you’ve been working so hard towards has ended. Thankfully, I’ve decided that our fourth Macro Feast will take place in the late spring or early summer of 2015, so planning has already begun!

I’ve had a slow start to the week after what was an unexpectedly exhausting weekend and a strange Monday computer mystery yesterday: I came into work to discover that my profile, all my preferences, my email, all my records, and all my files had vanished into thin air. Thank goodness for miracle tech guys who can come in and fix it in less than 15 minutes, even if they can’t figure out what caused the whole mess in the first place.

The Macro Feast was another exciting success! Despite last-minute cancellations and my forgetting important things, as usual: I’d spent all of last week writing out notes and schedules, and printed up fancy final menus for the day, which I’d conveniently left on my desk at work after leaving the office Friday. Imagine my surprise upon realizing my error… lol. This is where laughter in life serves us well!

The final menus I forgot at home!

The final menus I forgot at home!

The food turned out amazing – even the pecan pie recipe I wrote off the top of my head last Wednesday and tried for the very first time this weekend! I gave everyone massive portions, not expecting them to finish it all each course, but they did. Is there anything better than watching people you love devour the food you’ve put so much of your time, energy, and love into?

Everyone was able to take leftovers home thanks to those last-minute cancellations, so there was really nothing but extra soup left over for me. I figure that’s a pretty good sign.

A special thank you to my wonderful friends Jasmine – who writes the fabulous Life is My Movie blog – and Dessy – who is now heading a great informative site for natural alternatives to conventional health care – for their constant support, for all the pictures they took, and for the wonderful articles they’ve shared or will share about the event! And to my amazing dear friend Maya of Ladera Equestrian, whose love and friendship mean the world to me, who was committed to being there to celebrate with me months ago, and who refused to even take the discount I wanted to offer her for her loyalty and support. You ladies are my chosen family, my source of stability through difficult times, and the manifestation of love and laughter in my life!

Another special thank you to my Omi (maternal grandmother) for all her help throughout the day – her years of catering experience was very helpful in getting everything set up! To my wonderful father and his girlfriend for being there and for being so positive and supportive in all I do. And to my beautiful mother and her wife for wanting to be there and for their constant love and support – you were missed and hopefully nothing will come up to keep you guys from being there with me next year!

Yet another special thank you to my good friend Tom, who helped so much of the day come together easily for me, and to everyone who was there – your interest and support make all of this possible, thank you so much!

Stay tuned for all of the recipes from the event and some great pictures! Hope to see you there next year 😉

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