Quote of the Day: Ryōkan

Hiking the trail to Shaman's Cave.

Hiking the trail to Shaman’s Cave.

“Without desire everything is sufficient…
Plain vegetables can soothe hunger.
A patched robe covers this old bent body.
Alone, I have a deer for company,
and cheerfully sing with the village children.
The stream beneath the cliff cleanses my ears;
the pine on the mountaintop fits my heart.”
~ Ryōkan Taigu

Without desire everything is sufficient…”

May we each meditate on this thought today, that we may see the truth within the words.

For who is left wanting when he is satisfied and contented with what he has?

Let us find satisfaction in what is rather than lament about what is not.

Hope you all had a restful weekend, and a bright start to another week! xo

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