Quote of the Day: Allen

Cloudy skies and autumn trees...

Cloudy skies and autumn trees…

“Snowflakes, leaves, humans, plants, raindrops, stars, molecules,
microscopic entities all come in communities. The singular cannot in reality exist.”
~ Paula Gunn Allen

And suddenly, you realize, just as the billions of unique individual cells make up the universe of the human body, each of us are one of billions of human beings which make up the universe of the human race, and this beautiful planet is one of billions which make up the grand universe.

Universes within universes.

We are all connected in this beautiful, rhythmic dance of life.

All manifestation is based in vibration, movement.

Out of the nothingness of the Absolute, the dance and dynamic of yin and yang give rise to all of the various manifestations we see around us.

Go with the flow. Feel the vibration of life as you go about your daily adventures. Resonate with all that surrounds you and rediscover the true nature of who you are!

Have a lovely Tuesday, xo

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