It’s Good to Be Home!

wpid-wp-1415810314443.jpegI’m back!

What a fantastic trip we had to Sedona last week – stay tuned for an update post with some of my favourite photos from the trip (and videos if I can figure it out, too), with many later subsequent posts to come with photos and stories about each of the special sites we visited and explored.

I have to say, the biggest shock of coming back home was the pollution – noise, environmental, and otherwise. Sedona was so clean. Fresh air, blue skies, and full of people with clean minds and spirits.

But to be back home with my family, my friends, and my fur babe Powder is wonderful. I nearly cried tears of joy on the cab ride home knowing I was going home to my pup!

I’m always told by people who watch him when I am not around that as soon as I go, he changes completely – my happy, energetic, playful boy apparently becomes dull, listless, and mopes around until I come back. My brother said the same thing of Powder while I was gone last week. I find it hard to believe, because I can’t picture him behaving that way, even though I know its true. Its funny, beautiful, and wonderful just how deep our connections with our animal friends can go!

Now that I’m home, however, there is a ton of work to be done and many projects that need attending to.

The 2014 annual Macro Feast is less than 3 weeks away, and I am preparing to have tickets on sale by this coming Monday. I’m getting very excited – its going to be extra special this year!

I am also preparing my PDF and printed version of Pawanmuktasana 1 series – an important anti-rheumatic program that is essential for correcting energy flow in the body, strengthening and mobilizing joints and ligaments, and building basic strength and vitality. It is safe for children, the elderly, and those recovering from serious illness or injury, and is the basis of a lot of my physical and spiritual rehabilitative work. You cannot find the instructions for this series very easily on the internet and typically have to know a guru or teacher trained in ancient arts in order to experience it – I would like to make it easily available to anyone who wishes to purchase it directly for their own information and use, and it will be given as a supplement to my teaching to anyone who learns it from me in a class.

I’ve got a special quote ready to share today, too…. have a wonderful Wednesday, my friends! xo

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