Farewell For a Week and a Poem


I’m getting ready this weekend for my long-anticipated week-long trip to Sedona, Arizona – we leave quite early Monday morning. My goodness am I going to miss that little face next week; Powder gets to stay behind and hang out with my brother!

Powder is going to be ten years old this coming May. In that ten years, I have never left him for more than a long weekend… Except the one time my mom, my brother, and I tried to get away to the beach for a week. The cottage didn’t allow dogs so we had to leave him with a friend. Five days into our seven-day stay, we all decided we missed the dog too much and left early! The only thing I’m not excited about is the fact that there will be no Powder to wake up to each morning. But then the excitement of what will be there each morning takes over, and I let go into enjoying what will come. That and I took the first Monday I’m back off of work so I could look forward to spending the entire day with him.

There is no computer going with me, and we’ll be out exploring the desert as much as possible, so things are going to be very quiet around here for the next week or so. I promise to return with some great pictures and an inspiring quote!

I keep hearing what an amazing place Sedona is – one of the great spiritual and energetic centers of the world – and cannot wait for all the amazing sights and experiences to come. I plan on travelling with two cameras and taking a lot of photos. Hopefully I can convince my travelling companions to take some great shots of me enjoying yoga and meditation amongst the gorgeous red earth, too.

We plan to visit Shaman’s Cave and are blessed enough to have an experienced companion with us who has visited it before – after spending three days in the desert on his own to find it! I have long been envisioning myself chanting in the cave and I can almost feel the intense vibrations as the scene plays across my mind’s eye – it’s going to be great.

Perhaps I will find the inspirations to finalize the rest of my Macro Feast menu during my trip!

Have a very lovely weekend, my friends, and a very peaceful and magical week. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you when I return!

On top of the Quote of the Day I wanted to share for today, please also enjoy this lovely little poem that brought a rather large smile to my face as I passed by it this morning.


“Maple leaf
falling down
showing front
showing back”
~ Ryokan

This is where I'm headed! Photo taken from Google Image Search

This is where I’m headed!
Photo taken from Google Image Search

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