Life Has it’s Curveballs

wpid-wp-1413381365259.jpegPoor Powder – his little face says it all.

I totally missed getting a QOTD post done yesterday – life has apparently decided to lob as many curveballs my way as possible lately, and though I’ve been hitting most of ’em back (with homerun potential, I might add) this was one that got by me.

I was busy taking this little man to the vet to have his very cringe-worthy, red, swollen, and itchy ear looked at. They had been closed all weekend and Thanksgiving Monday. We came home with some medicine to clear up the infection and his new fancy accessory which he is anything but pleased to be wearing.

Add this to the packing (we are moving this Friday), the demands at my day job, the exciting opportunities for expanding my work with Canadian Macrobiotics, a public transit system that seems to do anything but function efficiently lately, the cold I’m working to avoid catching from the change in weather and crowds of sick people around me… and I wonder why I’m forgetting to eat regularly.

While I may be able to find the time to get a few QOTD posts done this week, I can say with full certainty that I will be up and running as normal again next week – with some tasty recipes, too!

That all said, the light at the end of the tunnel is extremely exciting. I have long been preparing in many ways to move forward with my goals and aspirations and this Friday’s move is a big step in that direction.

Much of my home will be dedicated to my work with Canadian Macrobiotics and I can’t even put into words how excited I am to be able to offer so many more products and services in the very near future: private one-on-one and small group yoga and meditation classes; cooking classes; spiritual healing sessions; homemade organic broths; fresh fruit and vegetable juices; homemade beauty and medical/health products; and much more!

For those of you local enough and interested in joining us, mark your calendars for Saturday December 6th, 2014, as that is the tentative date for my third annual Macro Feast, which will be held in Oakville. Finalized details will be available in the next two weeks, but feel free to use the contact form below the photo to fire off any questions or to let me know you’d like some spots requested*. I have yet to decide how many seats I will offer, but they tend to go fast!

Hope my Canadian readers had a fantastic Thanksgiving long weekend.

I look forward to getting back into a more regular routine next week, but for now will continue to enjoy the giggles I get looking at my little satellite dish-dog. Hope his silly face helps put a smile on your face! xo


*Seat requests may be made to help me plan to accommodate all interested parties.  Full seat reservation confirmation will be given upon full payment in advance.  Thank you*

2 thoughts on “Life Has it’s Curveballs

  1. How very exciting indeed! I cannot wait to catch a glimpse of your new home and all the wonderful things that will be happening in the near future. Do try and be good to yourself though. xo


    • Ahh, thank you! Maintaining some semblance of balance is absolutely necessary with endometriosis or else everything spirals out of control, but I am definitely looking forward to being extra kind to myself this coming weekend 😉 have a lovely day! xo

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