A Deliciously Bright Way to Enjoy Cucumbers


Cucumbers are so crisp, refreshing, and hydrating!

They are often commonly included in salads and sandwiches, bringing moisture and great flavour.

I have this seemingly unusual preference to honour the beautiful flavours naturally graced to vegetables rather than covering them up with dressings or sauces. Not that dressings or sauces can’t also be delicious!

Not everyone shares my appreciation for the simple flavour a single vegetable has to offer in its raw state, so I have to spice it up when I’m also cooking for others.

Many cucumber salads are made with vinegar, which is a tasty way to enjoy them for sure. When I make my cucumber that way, I use a high-quality organic apple cider vinegar, brown rice vinegar, or umeboshi vinegar.

For me, however, the vinegar taste is too much. I much prefer using citrus and had one beautiful lime waiting to be used for something delicious!

Serves 3-4

– 1 large garden cucumber
– juice and zest of 1 lime

Thinly slice the cucumber using a good knife or a mandolin.

Zest the lime over cucumber slices and then add as much juice as you can squeeze out.

Massage the lime into the cucumbers and let them sit and soak up all that flavour until you’re ready to eat – on the counter is fine for an hour or two but longer than that and I’d place it in the refrigerator.

Give them a good mix again before serving.


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