A reminder to my yoga friends…

Garudasana - Port Credit

Garudasana – Port Credit

Hot yoga is a very popular trend right now, and it’s not at all surprising with all the wonderful benefits that come along with the heated environment, including being able to stretch much farther than in a cooler environment as well as increased detoxification.

Hot yoga is also extremely dehydrating and de-mineralizing for the body, and the opportunity for injury is exponentially greater than in cooler environments.

Negative health effects can and will manifest with consistent long-term hot yoga activity if you do not take caution and make sure your body gets back enough of what it needs to replenish itself after a hot yoga session.

Especially for women past the age of 50, low blood pressure can be a result of your body not getting back enough of the salts and minerals it loses during your consistent hot yoga practice.

In addition to keeping hydrated during and after your practice, the best way to make sure your body gets enough of what it needs after a hot yoga session is to have a big bowl of miso soup! (Homemade, not the sodium-laden store bought or restaurant kinds with low-quality miso.)

You could also consider trying out a non-heated yoga session with a teacher who knows how to heat you up from the inside-out, and experience a whole new way of how subtle energies can manifest extraordinary things when you know how to manipulate it properly, without a lot of the consequences of an intensely and artificially-heated environment!

Garudasana, the eagle pose – pictured above – is one of my favourite poses to increase heat in the body and seriously strengthen the legs.

Moving into a standing sequence after Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) is one way to intensify the heat throughout the body, leading up to a peak pose before winding the body down into Savasana.

With love and light, xo

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