Flash-boiled Kale and Raspberries


This is a snapshot of my quick lunch the other day – fresh juice, crispy vegetarian samosas, and a big bowl of kale prepared in a way I’ve felt inspired to try all summer.

I wanted to lightly cook my kale and coat it in fresh raspberry – I had a feeling that the simplicity of the flavours would be really good.

Also, it is well known that kale and other cruciferous vegetables (like cabbages, broccoli, chards, etc.) contain isothiocyanates which can block enzymes in the thyroid. Cooking these types of vegetables – even slightly – helps to reduce these effects.

Please keep in mind this is not a reason to never eat cruciferous vegetables raw – it just means we need to be mindful of balance and variety. So, have it raw when you feel like it, partially cooked when you feel like it, and even fully cooked (like in a good soup!) when you feel like it! Listen to your intuition, go with what feels right, and trust in yourself and nature.

The result was so delicious I just had to share it with all of you despite it being too simple to really call a ‘recipe’!

On a side note, that take-out cup of juice is from one of my favourite places in Port Credit, Raw Aura. Their ‘Muddy Waters’ juice is a combination of kale, apple, celery, beet, lemon, and parsley;  its so delicious I grab one nearly every time I’m in the area… and their take-out cups are both compostable and completely biodegradable – talk about inspiring packaging options!

Serves 1

– a few leaves of kale, very thinly sliced
– raspberries, about 8-12, to taste

I usually take the stems out of my kale because they are quite tough and fibrous, but because I was planning on cooking my kale slightly and cutting it very finely, I decided to leave the stems in and see how it turned out. It was great, so I recommend leaving the stems in if you are cooking the kale like this – extra fiber and nutrients is always good!

Bring some fresh, filtered water to an active boil. Add the kale and let it boil for only a minute or two before straining it – it will turn a bright vibrant green and soften a bit.

Place it in a bowl, top with fresh raspberries, and start mashing! The kale gets coated in the raspberry flesh and juices, while the heat from the kale softens and breaks down the raspberry slightly.

So fresh, so delicious.

I imagine adding lemon juice – to taste – would also be fantastic, but wasn’t feeling the acidity that day. Something to try in the future, for sure.




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