Quote of the Day: Kent

One of my favourite places to sit and relax - St. Lawrence Park, Port Credit, ON

One of my favourite places to sit and relax – St. Lawrence Park, Port Credit, ON

“It is a huge danger to pretend that awful things do not happen.
But you need enough hope to keep going.
I am trying to make hope.
Flowers grow out of darkness.”
~ Corita Kent

It’s been a very busy last couple of weeks for me; it’s difficult to find the time to sit back and relax as much as I want to, let alone take the time to think, reflect, and write as deeply on my QOTD posts as I’d like to. Today I find myself with a little bit of extra time, and I’d like to devote it here to talk about the powerful words in the quote I chose to share today.

Before that, though, can we just stop to admire the photo that accompanies today’s post?

The crisp and colourful elements of our surroundings, simple as they may seem, are enough to take my breath away. Look at that water, that sky, the clouds! I love how the trees and greenery pop out amongst all the blue.

The dangers of ignoring the negative, sad, and awful parts of reality has been a topic of discussion between myself and others quite frequently as of late.

In the realm of manifestation – this reality we see around us – we encounter physical and situational manifestations from along the entire spectrum of negative to positive; an endless cycle of positive and negative, dark and light, contracting and expanding, etc. It is all in existence. This is a fact of life.

Ignoring the negative in life is just as dangerous as ignoring the positive. We must strive for balance, detachment, and acceptance, not only with our repulsions from the things we do not like, but also with our attractions to the things we do like. (More on attachments and liberation in my article on the 5 kleshas.)

This stability and fluidity of thought, emotion, action, and total being is our key to liberation from whatever it is that binds us or holds us down.

There are awful things that happen every single day in this world. There are also wonderful things that happen each day.

Let us never deny the existence of the negative aspects of reality, but rather empower ourselves to know that it is okay, we are okay, and we are moving forward with hope, love, and light radiating from within.

Have a peaceful day, xoxo

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