Short Hike Through Silver Creek Conservation Area


I have many wonderful memories of the Silver Creek conservation area.

In elementary schools in the Meadowvale area it used to be a common field trip destination and I hope it still is as it’s a wonderful opportunity to get out into nature and learn about plant and animal wildlife.


The hiking that day was amazing. We took my little Powder along with us but forgot my bottle of homemade bug spray at home, which didn’t work well in our favour – we were getting eaten alive by the bugs in the thick forest bush, and even opted to turn back early to avoid encountering them in the setting sun when they usually get even worse.


I have vivid memories of hiking along narrow trails overlooking steep cliff sides, of crawling through rocky formations and caves, and of the deep, endless wood.

Just look at those rocky, root-laden hiking paths – my favourite terrain to enjoy.


I had wanted to find the trail we usually hiked as children with our guide, but didn’t find that entrance until we were already leaving for the day.

I’m excited to return again before the end of the summer (with bug spray this time) and check out that main path in the hopes of discovering some truly nostalgic areas!


The two photos below bring back a special memory for me.

As Powder and I were walking by this little sight-seeing vantage point hidden in the bush, I noticed two beautiful deer peacefully standing and drinking in the water beyond. The sight and sound of the dog, however, was enough to chase them away.

I tried snapping a photo of them before they took off, but my wonderful automatically-focusing camera was focusing on the background instead of the deer and I missed my opportunity.

I suddenly understood the appeal of manual cameras to avid photographers…

DSCF5108And a peek closer…


One of the strange things that stood out about the area was the lack of parking or information regarding the conservation area.

As a kid and coming with a school group, there is an education facility with parking that the bus would always drop us off and pick us up at the location – a big white building with some other buildings surrounding it.

But coming alone with no school group, there weren’t any signs showing you which way to go or where to park. A few cars were pulled off along the side of the roads, and there were endless trails entrances and exits along the roads, so we too found a good spot to pull over and park at. Then we picked an entrance and began our adventure!

I hope you enjoy the photos I took on our short trip. If you’re into stunning forest hikes and wildlife sightings, this is definitely a destination to check out!














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