Quote of the Day: Chavez

Stunning views along Lake Ontario - St. Lawrence Park, Port Credit, ON

Stunning views along Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence Park, Port Credit, ON

“Kindness and compassion towards all living things is the mark of a civilized society.”
~ Cesar Chavez

Thinking about these words in comparison to the societies we live in and how these societies interact with the people and living organisms around them, how does it lead you to feel about these societies and how truly ‘civilized’ they are in relation to how civilized they perceive themselves to be?

This is a passionate topic for me. My mind takes me first to the dominance of corporatism and consumerism in our societies…

The conventional food we buy, mass-produced with harmful chemicals that poison insect populations, our bodies, and the earth itself.

The clothing we buy, mass-produced on the other side of the world by people we know nothing about who slave away in dangerous conditions for wages that will simply never be enough, so that we can go to Wal Mart or Joe Fresh and pick up what we want for as cheap as possible, never once sparing a moment of thought to the thousands who lose their lives trying to make ends meet as they put themselves in harms way to fabricate fashionable items they could never afford for people they’ve never met.

The furniture and electronics we rush out to buy as soon as newer models are available, throwing away our old, unwanted items that to some  – those who are less illusioned – would be cherished and valued like gold.

The makeup women paint on their faces before they leave the house each day, the majority of which is tested on innocent animals and stocked full of harmful chemicals so that the companies who manufacture them can make the biggest buck; not to mention the psychology behind how they’ve got so many women convinced that not wearing makeup somehow makes them less attractive than or inferior to those who do.

For those of us born in the ‘developed’ world – nations like Canada, America, Great Britain, or the countries of Europe – this is a reality we are born into. We are taught this, and raised into continuing it along.

The task for us is to become aware that what may seem normal in our lifestyles is actually completely devoid of kindness or compassion towards other humans, towards other living organisms over the entire planet, and even to ourselves!

Then, if we decide we want to be a part of the change we wish to see in the world, if we want to embody that kindness and compassion towards all living things, we must begin to make changes – no matter how small or how slowly – so that all aspects of our lifestyles begin to fall in line with our spiritual and/or moral ideals.

With light and love, xo

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