Quote of the Day: Patanjali

Silver Creek Conservation Area, Halton Hills, Ontario

Silver Creek Conservation Area, Halton Hills, Ontario

“Maitrīkaruṇāmuditopekṣāṇāṁ sukhaduḥkhapuṇyāpuṇyaviṣayāṇāṁ bhāvanātaścittaprasādanam”

“In relation to happiness, misery, virtue and vice, by cultivating the attitudes of friendliness, compassion, gladness and indifference respectively, the mind becomes purified and peaceful.”
~ Patanjali
Yoga Sutras, 1:33

The Yoga Sutras, written by Patanjali, have become one of the foundational texts of the study and practice of yoga.

In the past two QOTD posts, I’ve talked quite a bit about gratefulness and compassion.

Yesterday, as I was studying the Yoga Sutras, I came across this sutra and felt it was meant to be shared to build on the concepts of the two posts.

Here, Patanjali outlines four attitudes to be cultivated in order to cultivate a purified and peaceful mind: friendliness, compassion, gladness, and indifference.

Gladness can liken to gratefulness, the attitude of being glad for life and the state of things despite how negative or positive they may or may not be.

Indifference speaks to that letting go of kleshas which binds us to needless suffering.

Keeping our focus on cultivating these four attitudes of mind and spirit, consciously each day, will automatically begin to work on our subtle layers of energy and consciousness, slowly refining both energy and consciousness as we steadily and consistently continue with our practices on the path to higher levels of being and realization.

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