Quote of the Day: Neire

Mama and Papa with some surprisingly young offspring (for late July) - Coronation Park, Oakville, ON

Mama and Papa with some surprisingly young offspring (for late July) – Coronation Park, Oakville, ON

“We as human beings barely share things with others,
but an animal sharing things with other animals is a lesson, a lesson for us.”
~ Mrs. Neire, Junkyard Owner
San Carlos, Sao Paulo

I watched a powerful video on Collective Evolution the other day about an abandoned dog, Lilica, and her selfless, generous heart.

Above are the words of Mrs. Neire, the owner of the junkyard in front of which Lilica had been abandoned, who took her in despite limited food and other resources.

My heart was warmed with the love of both Mrs. Neire and the teacher, Lucia, who shared what little they had with the animals in need around them. If only all hearts were as gentle and compassionate towards the less fortunate – human or otherwise – as theirs.

A few days later, I also saw this video floating around on Facebook (you may have to be logged into a Facebook account to view this link, but it is publicly shared), one of the countless ‘social experiments’ going on right now to give people an inside look at the reality of our generosity and willingness to share with complete strangers.

The results of the short video are, sadly, a common conclusion to these social experiments; it is often those who have the least who are always willing to share – probably because they know what it’s like to have nothing and be left wanting.

Coupled with the fact that those who do have are unwilling to risk sharing with someone out to scam them, there is a growing gap between those that have and those that do not.

May the sharing of such social experiments help us all to reconsider our initial reaction the next time a stranger reaches out to us for help.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Neire

  1. Money and wealth unfortunately often lead to differentiation. We lose sight of our basic nature. We are all born the same, we will all die the same. It is what we do in between that matters, Seeing life for what it is, a gift, a miracle, something worth protecting at all costs, should be the first lesson we all learn and take to our graves.


    • Beautifully said! Great generosity of spirit requires a certain spiritual maturity and willingness to let go of judgments, and also our attractions as much as our repulsions in order to transcend our normal patterns of thought and behaviour; unconditional love for all life in all of its various forms must govern our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions. It definitely requires daily practice!


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