Happy Canada Day!

file000383394445Happy Canada Day everyone!

Today, Canada celebrates 147 years of making its own mark in history as a country and land of freedom.

Yes, social and political issues still abound – where in the world don’t they? – but, overall, this is still a pretty remarkable place to live!

Especially with recent victories won in regards to aboriginal land rights and online privacy, we are still well ahead of our American brothers and sisters in terms of personal and social freedoms .

We can still opt out of vaccinations without having ourselves or our children forcibly vaccinated; we can still collect rainwater without being charged for stealing from the State; we can still – in most places – transform our yards into organic gardens that feed ourselves and our communities without too much hassle; and our health and food departments – with help from local organizations and the Canadian people that support them – can still stay firm on their stances against letting certain chemicals and genetically-modified organisms into our food chains and pharmaceutical products for the general population (thank you Shiv Chopra and organizations like Greenpeace, CBAN, and Leadnow.ca for all of your past and continued work).

Not to mention the countless square kilometers of virgin, untouched, and wild nature available for us to explore and enjoy!

Today, let’s take some time to be grateful for this beautiful country we live in, and all the wonderful opportunities that are available to us here to enrich our own lives and the lives of others.

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