Quote of the Day: Miller

James Gardens - Toronto

James Gardens – Toronto

“Think only what is right there, what is right under your nose to do.
It’s such a simple thing – that’s why people can’t do it.”
~Henry Miller

Spontaneity. Living in the Moment. It isn’t possible when our minds are constantly running wild, clouded with various thoughts, ideas, and desires.

To be present in the moment may seem simple, but the practice of it can often be anything but simple.

Practicing mindfulness in daily living can help us become more accustomed to living in the moment, free of unnecessary mental and emotional fluctuations.

How does one practice mindfulness in daily living? By practicing being present in even the most simple, quiet moments.

When you are sitting down to breakfast, are you present in every action of the moment in front of you – every bite, every chew, every swallow, noticing the taste and textures and the reactions with your body –  or are your thoughts elsewhere, such as on what needs to be done before you leave the house or what’s on television or in the newspaper in front of you?

When you are bathing your body, are you present in every sensation, every energetic reaction with the friction of scrubbing your skin, and taking time to experience the gentle fragrance of the soap you use? Or are you busily thinking about other things, letting your body go into auto-pilot mode as you do what needs to be done?

Far too often we allow ourselves to exist on auto-pilot, going through the motions of life without being fully aware of what we are doing or why.

True focus and devotion is possible only when we are capable of being fully present in the moment, of living in spontaneity.

Today, let us take a few moments and practice being mindful of the present moment; even if it is just being mindful of the breaths you are taking during that time.

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