Introduction to Meditation Workshop

James Gardens - Toronto

James Gardens – Toronto

I am very excited to announce the details for the upcoming Introduction to Meditation Workshop at the end of May!

– – – – –

When: Saturday May 31, 2014   –   Workshop 11:00 am – 1:00 pm  –  Lunch 1:00pm onwards

Where: Canadian Macrobiotics Centre, Streetsville, Ontario
(exact address provided upon registration)

For those of you with Facebook, you can also view the event and RSVP here.

– – – – –

The workshop is designed to:
– give a brief history of meditation and related philosophies
– identify ways meditation can benefit you and your life
– cover the various techniques and methods
– help to identify which techniques and methods are appropriate or most beneficial for you
– identify challenges on the path to meditation and ways to overcome them
– provide a guided practice of yoga nidra (yogic sleep – a method for reaching deep states of relaxation)
– provide various yoga asana (poses) and pranayama (breathing exercises) to help calm the mind and tune awareness inwards
– provide a guided meditation practice

The goals of the workshop are to:
– provide students with a sound understanding of meditation and its various approaches
– provide students with skills and tools to overcome common challenges in meditation so they feel confident practicing on their own
– help students learn various techniques to relax the body, release tension, and centre the mind
– guide students through an enlightening experience!

The workshop will also be followed by an outdoor macrobiotic picnic lunch for those who wish to join and hang out a bit longer, weather permitting. In the case of inclement weather we’ll create an indoor picnic!

Macrobiotic Picnic Lunch Menu:
Miso Soup
Falafel Wraps
Fresh salad
 Banana Brownies!

Cucumber water and both iced and hot teas will be available for the workshop and for the lunch.

– – – – –

(registration through PayPal)

To register for the Meditation Workshop, click here.

To register for the Meditation Workshop & Macrobiotic Lunch, click here.

– – – – –

What to bring?
– a yoga mat
– a water bottle if you want
– notepad and writing material if you’d like to take notes
– your wonderful, positive self

If you have questions or concerns, please use the contact form below.



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