Presence Through Pain


Physical pain is something we all deal with from time to time and can not only interfere with our daily activities, but can also keep us from reflecting inward and finding peace and relaxation; for some, physical pain is a chronic, daily reality that can be overwhelmingly difficult to deal with.

As some of you already know, part of what brought me to the macrobiotic way of life and philosophy was being diagnosed with endometriosis. Because of it, I deal with chronic pain which on some days can be severely debilitating and keep me bound to a bed or sofa all day instead of doing all the things I need to be doing. I came across a fantastic article on Yoga Journal’s website, Suffering is Optional, which talks about tuning inwards and finding peace and relaxation despite the physical pain that usually hinders our contentment and serenity. I hope it offers some sound advice and a fresh perspective to some of you who might be finding that physical pain – whether temporary or chronic – is an obstacle to meditation, relaxation, or peace in life in general.

I was also going to share a story about one of my most intense encounters with debilitating physical pain, and how it led me to have an ‘enlightening’ realization about how I could ‘let go’ emotionally, mentally, and spiritually of the suffering the pain was causing; but in sitting down to write the story I realize I am still not ready to share it with such a wide, public audience yet.

It’s uncomfortable for me to share because it’s not easy to talk about going through such severe pain, nor about being so vulnerable, nor about something that centers around the female reproductive system and menstruation. It’s not easy to open up about how those realities affect my life or what managing the pain requires on a daily basis. I imagine one day, when I’ve completely overcome my illness and have grown even more spiritually, I will be much more ready to openly share my story with the world.

That said, for those of you who might be struggling with a similar kind of debilitating pain, I would be more than happy to share my story one-on-one with anyone who might benefit from it – you can write me privately at

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