Quote of the Day: Silesius

James Gardens - Toronto

James Gardens – Toronto

“The one awakened
sees all things as one
~ Angelus Silesius

– – – – –

Many of the Quote of the Day posts I share center around the concepts of duality and transcending those concepts of duality. Why is this such an important topic in the study and practice of macrobiotic living?

Macrobiotic theory is based on the Unifying Principle, also known as the Unique Principle, and is essentially the philosophy of yin and yang as it applies to diet, health, and lifestyle. For one to truly live the macrobiotic lifestyle, one must transcend dualistic concepts and deeply get to know the inherent properties of yin and yang energies and how their interactions affect us and our environments.

This way, we become masters of our health and our lives, because we are able to adjust our diets and lifestyles with the changing tides of the outside world in order to maintain equilibrium and optimum vitality no matter what we are faced with.

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