Quote of the Day: Bin

James Gardens - Toronto

James Gardens – Toronto

“In the stillness, there is infinity, freedom and freshness of consciousness, as if intoxicated in a blissful shower, perfect harmony of body and environment, golden shower blossoming, yet everything in perfect quiescence, full moon in the sky, the whole great earth is a realm of brightness and clarity, the mind and body clear and open, golden shower expanding… in the perfect silence everything is fully revealed before the eyes, pure soft whiteness as if opening the eyes in the clouds… looking at the body finds that the  body is not there, everywhere is pure soft whiteness, the internal and external being transparent.”
– Lu Dong Bin

– – – – –

This is how Lu Dong Bin – a Taoist saint from the 7th century – described his own experience of glimpsing the Supreme Reality, the highest meaning of Zen.

While no two people will experience it the same, there is no mistaking the similarity in the overwhelming joy, beauty, and positivity described by those who have experienced this union of consciousness.

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