Quote of the Day: Suyin

James Gardens - Toronto

James Gardens – Toronto

“There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.”
~ Han Suyin

– – – – –

We live in a world where a gentle spirit and soul is seen as weakness, especially in men. A world dominated by aggression, war, fear, and hate.

Those who walk the path of truth know that true strength is seen in peace and gentleness.

There is nothing strong about beating or mistreating a person, an animal, or even a plant smaller and weaker (or even larger and stronger) than oneself. There is no strength in being a master of lies and deceit for personal gain. Those people live their lives in fear, using what they can to dominate and get what they want.

There is absolute strength in the heart of the man who stops to help a person, animal, or plant in need. It takes strength of spirit, of mind, and of character to live a life of truth, a life devoted to sharing with the world around you. Those people live their lives in love, not threatened by external circumstances that lead others less true to themselves to do things they know are not right.

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