Quote of the Day: de Unamuno


James Gardens – Toronto

“Only in solitude do we find ourselves.”
~ Miguel de Unamuno

– – – – –

Quiet, reflection, meditation – these aren’t disciplines commonly encouraged in mainstream culture anymore it seems. Solitude, for the most part, has been replaced with television, smartphones, and other forms of media that keep us focused outwards rather than inwards.

It can be hard to bring more solitude into your life after you have been so accustomed to relying on interaction with the outer world. I used to think about how many people are committed to watching a certain television show or even checking a certain social media profile every day, even at a given time or for a given duration.

I imagined that was the kind of commitment it would take to make spiritual pursuits like yoga, qigong, or meditation a daily habit, too. It took me quite a while of attempts-and-fails – a few years worth –  but I’m finally there, and happy to be!

I couldn’t imagine a better thing to be so committed to each and every day in one’s life as taking even a few moments of solitude to visit with oneself – even just to check in, say hello, and be grateful for something!

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