Quote of the Day: Roethke

James Gardens - Toronto, CA

James Gardens – Toronto, CA

“May my silences become more accurate.”
~ Theodore Roethke

– – – – –

It has often been said that sometimes – in situations of conflict or disagreement – the best thing to say is nothing at all; sometimes silence says more than words ever could.

There are some people who find it harder to speak up and need some practice on voicing their feelings or opinions, and then there are people who find it hard to keep their mouths closed and need some practice on keeping their feelings or opinions to themselves in certain situations.

I fall more into the latter category, and in many instances of self-reflection have felt that I could have done a lot better for myself and those around me by keeping silent, rather than letting my feelings take charge, which usually results in me saying something in a way I wouldn’t have normally said it. This is definitely something I continue to practice being more aware of every day.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Roethke

  1. I too am from the latter and have been mindfully “holding my tongue” on my path to cultivation. I used to offer my side of things even when it wasn’t asked for, thinking that the more info you have, the better. I’ve since learned that sometimes, it’s better to let people come to you…


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