Quote of the Day: Hanh

quote77“Imagine we are astronauts who have crashed on the moon.
We look across the vastness of space and see the beautiful blue Earth.
But we can’t get back because our ship is damaged.
All we can do is look at that brilliant blue beautiful orb
in the black sky and dream of being home.

But suppose we managed to fix our ship, and landed back home.
How would we feel when we first set foot upon the Earth?
What would we observe and savor?
How intensely would we experience the sights and smells,
the flavors, the feeling of a gentle rain?

That’s how we should walk on the Earth with each step.”
~ A walking exercise from Thich Nhat Hanh

– – – – –

When you celebrate every moment of life with wonder and gratefulness, you are truly living.

There is a vibrant energy to be gained from opening your heart and spirit to the world around you, all you need to do is be open to both discovering and accepting it.

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