Quote of the Day: Soen

quote61“This world is so wonderful, so Unthinkable and Ungraspable.
What are we touching right here and now?
~ Soen Nakagawa

– – – – –

Sometimes, the wonder and amazement of experiencing the moment, the here and now – usually when I’m amongst nature – is enough to bring tears to my eyes, a shudder of energy up my spine, and a joyful song that pours out from my heart!

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Soen

  1. When my husband has had to describe parts of what he loves about me, he always starts by : she is the easiest women to please… By that, he doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have to try or that I’m not expectant of much, but in our cultivation, we’ve learn to try and find the beauty in everything… as little or as mundane as that moment is. To find beauty in everything is to let go of suffering. If the present leaves you satisfied and fulfilled, then you will never be wanting for more.

    Good night.


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