Quote of the Day: Wong Kiew Kit

quote56“The yin-yang principle is comparable to a mathematical formula:
it can express complex ideas concisely.”
~ Wong Kiew Kit
from “The Complete Book of Chinese Medicine”

– – – – –

Yin-yang concepts are at the centre of the macrobiotic theory ‘The Unifying Princple’ and are essential to understanding how diet,  lifestyle, environment, and living organisms are interrelated and affected.

Though I’ve been tackling the concept for a few years now, the way Wong Kiew Kit writes about it in his book “The Complete Book of Chinese Medicine” has helped me understand it in new and exciting ways.

It may seem reductionist at face value to use the terms ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ to describe complex ideas like disease and healing. But when one understands that yin and yang are not absolute terms and instead are used relatively to describe “opposing yet complimentary aspects of reality, irrespective of whether the reality is expressed as objects or ideas” (to use Wong Kiew Kit’s concise wording), one can appreciate both the depth and complexity of ideas that can be expressed through a simple term.

When it comes to the macrobiotic diet and lifestyle, let us take some time to appreciate the Unifying Principle and how it applies to the food we eat, how we prepare and cook it, how we live our daily lifestyles, and how we relate to the world around us. With spring around the corner, what kind of changes will we be seeing in the foods we eat and our daily routines?

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