Quote of the Day: Picasso

“I am always doing that which I cannot do in order that I may learn how to do it.”
~ Pablo Picasso

– – – – –

I frequently encounter people who are shocked and amazed at my varied interests and hobbies. I suppose it seems overzealous to some to want to know, experience, and do as much as possible for yourself; but for folk like me, it’s completely inherent and natural.

Over the past few years I’ve continued to study and journey into a holistic lifestyle and it ultimately led me to venture out to practice many new skills that today are nearly second-nature.

I’ve learned to grow my own food, organically and sustainably, and share what I’ve learned with people in my community; I’ve learned to make most of my beauty products at home from simple and organic ingredients with outstanding results on my oily and acne-prone skin; I have deepened my study into anatomy and physiology as I continue my studies in holistic healing, Chinese medicine, and herbalism; I continue to study ancient and foreign languages to enhance my overall linguistic understanding; I play various musical instruments and enjoy singing; I spend endless hours experimenting with food and cooking; I am committed to deepening my yoga and qigong practice and sharing my knowledge with others; and, more than anything, I devote time each and every day to personal study and spiritual growth.

Most peers my age think that a lot of what I do is a waste of time when you can just buy something at the store or rely on someone else for the skill/service – but I think they need to re-evaluate what they do with their time.

I would prefer to spend a few minutes mixing homemade ingredients for natural beauty products than subject my body to the chemicals, synthetic ingredients, and preservatives in most manufactured products. I’d also rather grow a basil plant at home – organically – and have it fresh to use any time I need, than buy it at the grocery store.

Living a holistic lifestyle requires changing your perspective on things and taking personal responsibility. I don’t spend time watching television or watching funny videos online like many people do; instead, I fill my time with things that are both beneficial and enjoyable for me.

Never be afraid to learn new things – it keeps our minds and lives fresh and vibrant!

And though most people seem completely content being complacent with what they currently know and do, if you feel something tugging at your interest, I encourage you to find the ambition and initiative that already lives within you to fearlessly take on your new interest.

Even if you don’t master your new interest, you will learn skills, lessons, and experiences that will shape you and your life forever.

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