Quote of the Day: Ohsawa

quote66“Only those who see that the two sides of all phenomena, visible and invisible, are front and back or beginning and end of one reality can embrace any antagonistic situation, see its complementarity, and help others to do the same, thereby establishing peace and harmony.”
~ George Ohsawa

– – – – –

This quote embraces the concept of the Unifying Principle, which is at the heart of the macrobiotic diet and lifestyle. George Ohsawa and macrobiotic leaders since have always placed great value on the understanding and cultivation of the Unifying Principle in one’s own life.

To me, embracing the Unifying Principle and allowing my perceptions to shift with my new understanding has led to freedom from the five kleshas and unnecessary suffering in my life. Its taken years, and the effects have been slow, but that is exactly how these changes come about. I now come across situations that once would have caused me stress and suffering, and find I am well equipped to handle them with grace and peace instead.

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