Quote of the Day: Wong Kiew Kit

quote45“When you savour your food, immerse yourself in a hobby, get wrapped up in your work, admire a beautiful sunset, are captivated by music, moved by a touching scene, feel the wonders of nature, or experience a deep communication with God, you are in a state of Zen.”
~Wong Kiew Kit, The Complete Book of Zen

– – – – –

I like this quote for how it helps the average person relate to the concept of Zen.

Just as much as meditating and self reflection are paths to enlightenment, so too is the simple ability to exist freely in each and every moment of the day. Some of the greatest works of art, pieces of music, and scientific discoveries were made by people who were both relaxed and focused in this state of Zen.

The freedom of experiencing the serene joy and freedom of here and now – the ability to relax and let go into the wonder of the moment – is a glimpse of realizing our true nature.

Being open spiritually and mentally to experiencing the moment allows our energies to reverberate with the wonderful energies of life all around us; you can experience, even if just for a moment, the timeless and limitless sensation of being interconnected with everything around you.

That which gets your insides stirring in a wonderful way – that which excites you, motivates you, inspires you – is what can also take you into a state of Zen, if you allow yourself to be completely free and consumed by the moment. You truly have to experience it to fully appreciate it.

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