Quote of the Day: Sri Ramana Maharshi

quote46“When the mind, one-pointed and fully focused,
knows the supreme silence in the Heart, this is true learning.”
~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

– – – – –

When studying Buddhist, yogic, and other spiritual philosophies, concepts of transcending normal patterns of thinking are presented in ways such as non-attachment or non-thought.

This does not mean there is no attachment or no thought, but rather the ability to detach oneself from them and not be bound by their effects.

When one is capable of transcending thoughts and attachments, one experiences an enlightened state of being.

Wise teachers of the ages have always said that we already have all the answers we seek within us; there is no need to seek outside things.

It is this cultivation of inner quietude that is the ‘supreme silence in the Heart’. This silence is, indeed, true learning.

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