Quote of the Day: Hekiganroku

quote49“The sound of the rain drops
is heard in the empty hall.”
~ Hekiganroku

– – – – –

One of the ways that Zen Buddhism differs from other schools of Buddhism is in its concept and cultivation of direct enlightenment – moments of instant realization of truths in ways that cannot be explained in words.

Over my years of study, I’ve compiled a rather large collection of inspiring quotes: a selection of them sit aside in a purple box for days like today when I’m not quite sure what to write about. Days like this, I like to sit and read through each of them, one-by-one, until I find one that inspires me to write.

While I’ve come across this quote many times before, it didn’t mean all that much to me; but I could tell there was a deeper meaning that I just wasn’t seeing yet, so I have been keeping it around to write about eventually. Today, the moment I read it, I instantly saw a world of meaning in the flash of an instant, in ways my mind could never perceive before.

It inspired me to share it with all of you; I hope it can serve you in similar ways on your path to greater spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

One thought on “Quote of the Day: Hekiganroku

  1. Reblogged this on moxie supper and commented:
    Words soon fail –as they should! –as they’ve always done! –perhaps poetry and “poametry” are systems of compensation for this system of failure where words fall short of a more intuitive understanding! –happened to me in the Quality 16 Cinema, on Jackson Road in Ann Arbor, Michigan –when “limited fork” was conceived and born; I left the movie understanding something that I couldn’t completely express, and since then, I’ve spent so much time trying to express “limited fork theory” in ways that spread a truth that I experienced and felt immediately….–on every scale that I occupied, in every location that I ever occupied; all systems of times and dimensions merged…. My struggle has become expression of what I understood…. Want this to remain a struggle…


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