Quote of the Day: de Beauvoir

quote43“That’s what I consider true generosity.
You give your all, and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing.”
~ Simone de Beauvoir

– – – – –

Giving freely and expecting nothing in return; investing into others solely for the purpose of benefiting them; committing every day to offering your very best to the world around you – these are acts of true generosity.

They come from a place inside people who have learned to be true to their inner natures, who let the vibrant energy of love and life radiate from within. They have realized their true nature and are completely content with themselves – this fullness of spirit allows their positive energies to overflow into the world around them.

The acts can be both great or small, and these types of generous acts – given freely from within for the benefit of others – results in no samskaras, or karmic impressions on one’s soul – a topic touched on briefly in yesterday’s Quote of the Day post.

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