Quote of the Day: Wong Kiew Kit

quote38“Indeed, meditation, known by different names, is essential in all the world’s great religions as a way of attaining the highest spiritual fulfillment.”
~ Wong Kiew Kit,
“The Complete Book of Zen”

– – – – –

Gurus, sages, and wise masters since ancient times have taught that everything we need to know in life is already within us and meditation is the key to unlocking that eternal knowledge.

I was raised in a Catholic household – the typical kind where your faith is more a facet of your cultural heritage than a true vessel for spiritual growth. Our family went to church on special holidays – namely Christmas and Easter – and participated in all the religious milestones like baptism and confirmation. Everything my brother and I learned about religion came from what was taught in the Catholic school system. Looking back, there really was no connection with spirituality there.

One of the concepts of the Catholic religion that confused me the most was that of prayer. I had no idea what they meant when they told you to ‘pray’. Everyone seemed to have different concepts of what that praying meant. Some said it was repeating things like ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ or the ‘Hail Mary’. Others said it meant talking to God and communicating with him from within, with the many in the former group finding this form of prayer to be blasphemous.

As the kind of girl who always walked her own path and hummed to her own tune, I went with what felt right inside when it came to praying; that was often a combination of both talking to God from the inner depths of my heart and also getting lost in deep thought. Now I can see that what I was doing was the beginnings of self-reflection and inner focus.

Wong Kiew Kit is wonderful in how he is able to explain the similarities in the meditative experiences of prominent religious figures across the world, including Catholic figures like St. Paul. I think it’s a breathtaking reminder of the truths we should be seeking irrespective of culture, language, or other trivial details.

So no matter what name you have come to know your spiritual meditative state by, realize now that it is your key to realizing the innate universal knowledge already within you. Meditation truly is the way to peace, happiness, and ultimate liberation in life!

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