Quote of the Day: Keller


“So much has been given to me; I have no time to ponder over that which has been denied.”
~ Helen Keller

– – – – –

Cultivating an attitude of gratefulness in our lives allows us to make the very most of everything that we have been given.

Thinking about the five kleshas from a recent article, we can see how constantly waiting on things which we feel are missing from our lives can impede with our sense of contentment and overall happiness. In a consumer-driven society where material possessions are constantly being paraded in front of us as necessities of happiness, it is easy to lose sight of how blessed we are for what we already have. But gratefulness also extends much farther than money, electronics, or clothing.

We also sometimes feel like we haven’t been given what we want or deserve when it comes to our family, our friends, our positions in life, and even our selves. But when you’re always looking at what’s lacking, of course you’re going to see that big hole. When you look at the wonderful fertile soil, the vibrant bushes and flowers already planted, and take a moment to deeply appreciate and give thanks for what’s already been given… the picture becomes a lot bigger, and suddenly that hole of what’s ‘lacking’ in your overall perspective may take on a completely different meaning to you.

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