Quote of the Day: Barlow

quote40“Look for magic in the daily routine.” ~ Lou Barlow

– – – – –

The seemingly endless cycle of our daily routines can make life seem dreary, uneventful, monotonous, and even exhausting. We may think that life has lost its magic and appeal, but really it is just us who have lost our ability to see and feel it. Our routines take our attention away from our true selves and into the outer world so that  we can meet our deadlines and make things happen; but it can also, over time, desensitize us to the energies of life all around us.

This is one reason why meditation is so important: it gives us an opportunity to turn inwards for self reflection, allowing us to reconnect with our true selves and keep clear our perspectives on how we interact and relate to the world around us. Over time, it will help increase our sensitivities to those vibrant energies of life once again.

So the next time you feel very caught up in the daily grind, take a moment to pause and enjoy the magic and wonder all around you, wherever you are. Let yourself remember how it feels to experience that energy of life. Let it radiate from within you, adding a little touch of magic to everything you say, do, and set your mind to.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Barlow

  1. Great post! I heard that if we want a healthy body, we need to exercise it. But to have a healthy mind, we need to calm it down. When we stop for a moment from the daily rush, we can actually appreciate the little things that we usually overlook.


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