Quote of the Day: Kornfield


“Enlightenment is intimacy with all things.”
~ Jack Kornfield

– – – – –

When your heart is open and full of love and wonder for all creatures and creations in the world, you come to a very different place in life in terms of your outlook, attitudes, and thought processes. He who is enlightened does not see separation between himself and other living beings or even inanimate creations around him – trees, the ocean, a rock. The same primordial vibration of energy and life is inherent in all creatures and creations. Knowing this, the enlightened person sees all things in himself, and his self in all things.

I used to freak out a bit around insects – spiders and other creepy crawlers – not out of fear but just out of an extreme aversion to being around them. Over time, I found that I began feeling less and less unsettled around insects; my spiritual development was changing me, my consciousness, and the way I looked at the world. Today I can see a spider hanging from an invisible web and go in for a closer look, celebrating the wonder and awe of creation. There is no hint of the aversion I once used to feel and I am, for the first time ever, able to enjoy and appreciate all forms of life with equal ease and pleasure!

So the next time you see a tiny ant crawling around or a spider making his home in a corner in your own home, try to look beyond your initial thoughts and feelings. Reach for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the amazing and endless permutations of life existing all around you.

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