Quote of the Day: Gangadean

quote4“Regardless of the name a person uses for the Infinite Force that holds us together, it is the source of our miraculous, unpredictable creativity and our dignity.”
~ Ashok Gangadean

– – – – –

I hope you have all had the special blessing of being able to spend a lot of wonderful time with friends and family like I have these past few days. Maybe it was ice storm’s resulting damage and lack of power experienced by so many families across the GTA that got people into a bit of a different spirit this year, but it seemed like everyone was a lot more grateful than usual to enjoy hot holiday meals with those they love; people gathering around the dinner table to talk and catch up, the opening of gifts the last thing on everyone’s mind.

It is with this same communal spirit of love and appreciation that we should extend warmth and good will to all of our neighbours – strangers or beloved kin – regardless of the differences that may exist between us. Moving into the new year, let’s continue to cultivate more and more an approach to life – and all the people in it – with an open, loving heart; remembering that we are all different parts of the same web of life and learning to love and value the uniqueness of others.

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